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ABA to Addiator Octadat
Addiator Perplex to Addo-X 4683
Addo-X 653 to AMCO Adding Machine
American Adder Material to Aristo
Aristo Koordinatograph 4423 to Avery, Harold
AWF to Bäuerle, Matthias
Bauer 2004 to Bird Material
Bischoff to Briggs-Gellibrand 1633
Briggs 1617 to Brunsviga Matador 10 Tasten
Brunsviga Material to Butzbach/Bethmann 1991
Byorkmann 1840 to Chollet 1922
Chrenow 1957 to Continental 8
Continental 9 S to Datumsrechner
Datumsrechner (britisch) to Diestelkamp 1992b
Diestelkamp 1999 to Duco Material
Duemmlers 1948 to Encyclopedia 1802
Encyklopädie 1904 to Facit CS1-13
Facit CS 1-13 to Figuraytor
Filipowski 1849 to Galbraith 1827
Gallbraith/Houghton 1860 to Geppert 2016
Gerät to Gray
Gray 1848 to Haertel 2015/6
Haertel 2015/7 to Hassler 1830c
Hassler 1830d to Horsburgh 1919
Horsky Planimeter to Ingenieur-Messknecht
Institutio Mathematica 166? to Katalog Moskau 1950
Kaufmann 1651 to Koepfer Calculator
Koerner 1942 to Küstner 1964a
Küstner 1964b to Lange 1986
Lange 5/1985 to Lindström Material
Lindström Record to Ludwig/Reuschel 1941
Ludwig/Reuschel 1943 to Maskelyne 1802
Massaloup, J. von 1847 to Mercedes Euklid 16
Mercedes Euklid 21 to MLS Klasse 300
MLS Klasse 400 to Müller-Köslin 1923
Müller/Rajna 1935 to NBS 1941c
NBS 1941d to Numa Rechner
Numerator Material to Odhner Klasse 200
Odhner Kurzkurbel Arithmometer to Olympia RAS 3/12 (alt)
Olympia RAS 3/12 (neu) to Patente aus den USA 1860
Patente aus den USA 1861 to Patente aus den USA 1960
Patente aus den USA 1961 to Patente aus Japan 1800 bis 1899
Patente aus Japan 1900 bis 1999 to Pineto 1871
Pinl 2012 to Precisa 366-12
Precisa Material to Rahmen
Raketa to Rechenwalzen, die Rechenschieber mit den langen Skalen Teil 1
Rechenwalzen, die Rechenschieber mit den langen Skalen Teil 2 to Reishammer 1800
Reisser to Ribbon Adder Werbung
Ricard 1732 to Rühlmann/Schmiedel 1943
Rühlmann/Schmiedel 1944a to Schaefer 1960
Schaefer 1962 to Schroen 1860
Schroen 1861 to SDW Material
Sears Back to School Adding Machine to SMA 11 Tasten
Smidel 1778 to Steckkabel
Steelco Material to Supermetall Material
Super Add-A-Matic to The Counting House Assistant
The Office (1886) to Triumphator C2
Triumphator CN to Umsteuerhebel
Unbekannt to Vega 1784
Vega 1793 to Victor 77-88-54
Victor 78-88-54 to Wahl Adding Machine
Währungsrechner to Weiss 2010.3
Weiss 2011.1 to Wingate 1626
Wingate 1628 to Zählwerk
Zählwerks-Steuerhebel to Zylinderstift